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"William’s Auguries was intriguing; even after two or three hearings, in the best sense, I couldn’t say what was happening, despite the music's proceeding in a clear harmonic direction. An achievement, when so much new music can be guessed after its opening minute."

Judith Weir CBE, Master of the Queen’s Music

"It is a nice touch that William Marshall, in his Little Passacaglia for recorder and piano, uses a row from McCabe’s Bagatelles for Piano of 1964. Palindrome meets ground in a fascinating excursion; it is almost like being taken for a dodecaphonic walk. The piano provides a complex, spider’s web type of texture over which the recorder seems to cogitate in a parallel reality."

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

"A highly original and unusual piece for an unusual ensemble which came alive from the score and its well thought-out notation to confound all expectation. Vibrant and highly colouristic, its sense of ambition and vision was wonderful to hear."

Fraser Trainer, BBC Press Office

William Marshall – Composer
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